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Colorobbia Chemical India.

Materials and Services for Ceramic Industry.

Colorobbia India is a ceramic material company with production and technical assistance for ceramic tile production. It started its business in Indian territory since June 2012.

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Colorobbia India offers to the Indian market a full range of inks for digital decoration developed by Colorobbia Spain and Colorobbia Italy. Besides blue, deep blue, brown, beige, yellow, black, pink, green and white, it also includes a series of complementary colours that can be looked into depending on the needs of each ceramics manufacturer.

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Glazes, engobes, transparent glazes and printing bases are the most widely used materials in industrial ceramics. Colorobbia India is a company offering solutions for all kinds of glazing techniques both in wall and floor tiles.

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Colorobbia India
offers to its customers glaze, body and sanitary stains both in standard granulometry and in finer one with powder homogeneity or as ink for digital decoration.

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Working in close collaboration with Colorobbia Italy and Colorobbia Spain, Colorobbia India is capable of offering aesthetical design service that reflects the latest trends.

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In order to contribute to the growth of the Indian ceramic sector, Colorobbia India has paid maximum attention to researching into, selecting and applying innovative technologies and materials from the very beginning.

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Technical Service.
Colorobbia India’s technical service laboratories and commercial network are at the top in the Indian market in terms of their capacity of offering both technologically and aesthetically high-quality service.

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