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Colorobbia India - Legal Notes


The information on this website has been put so as to meet visitors’ requirements of acquiring information about the activities carried out by Colorobbia India.

The owner of this website is
Colorobbia India and Colorobbia India holds the rights of property and use of all documents (photographs, images, pictures, marks, icons and similar) contained herein and they are protected by the intellectual property law. It is therefore forbidden to reproduce, alter or transmit and diffuse to others in part or in whole the content of this website without written permission of Colorobbia India.

The pages of this website are periodically updated. Nevertheless,
Colorobbia India does not assume any responsibility pertaining to non-updated or imperfect information on the website. Moreover, Colorobbia India can not be held responsible for the alterations and additions made to the website by third persons.

Colorobbia India can not be held responsible in any manner whatsoever for probable loss or damage that may be suffered by computer users’ hardware as a result of accessing the website or using or downloading the materials contained in the website.

Visitors may be directed to other websites via the links included in this website (for instance, clicking Such websites are not under the control of
Colorobbia India and Colorobbia India assumes no responsibility for probable losses that may be incurred by users. Furthermore, Colorobbia India can not be held responsible for being directed to undesirable websites, irrespective of the content.

Visitors can not be asked to give personal information on account of accessing the website. In case it is necessary to get your personal information, please take a look at the information included in “Privacy” pages of Gruppo Colorobbia’s corporate portal.   

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