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Products - Frits, pigments, inks, glazes and serigraphies

Colorobbia India - Full Range of Products.

Colorobbia India has a significant production plant where it produces the following basic materials of the ceramic industry in India:

- Compound glazes (standard and high abrasion)
- Printing bases for traditional use and rotocolor
- Granular frits
- Inks for digital application
- Personalized graphics for design tile

The range of products is completed by frits, ceramic pigments, inks, third firing application colors, precious metals and organic glass colours and other products from other companies of the group.

Colorobbia India, by providing its customers with all products manufactured by Gruppo Colorobbia, offers  unique advantages in terms of quality, competitiveness, commercial and technical service.
Colorobbia India technicians and designers offer their service to customers at any time so as to enable them to make the most correct choice depending on the production process and the finished product category to be produced.


Colorobbia India offers to the Indian market a full range of inks for digital decoration developed by Colorobbia Spain and Colorobbia Italy in collaboration with the leading decoration machine and print heads producers of the world. Besides blue, deep blue, brown, beige, yellow, black, pink, green and white, it also includes a series of complementary colours that can be looked into depending on the needs of each ceramics manufacturer.    

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Base glazes, printing bases, transparent glazes and engobes are the most widely used materials in the industrial ceramic sector.
Colorobbia India puts these products up for sale as grounded and composite. In this way, it is possible to obtain polished,  mat, satin, glossy, rustic, metalized, special and neutral colors or even transparent or opaque effects to be used in engobes, bases and coloured flaming effects  and to make different applications in interim and final applications. Moreover, the Company has developed some products that are capable of coating glazed product before and after digital application.

Ceramic Pigments.

Colorobbia India offers to its customers glaze, body and sanitary stains both in standard granulometry and in finer one with powder homogeneity or as ink for digital decoration. The company can also prepare stains' mixture useful to obtain special shades as per customers' request. The range of pigments offered by Colorobbia India is suitable for: glazes, tintometric systems, thirdfiring, glass, Gres Porcelain, dry colouring and sanitary.


Colorobbia India
offers to its customers a full range of ceramic frits (opaque, transparent, matt ones).

These products of different textures, gloss or opacity are designed to meet the requirements of all kinds of production processes both wall and floor tiles (single firing, double firing, monoporosa, gres porçellanato).
Frits are available as ground, in granules or as granulometer-controlled particles.

Marketed Products.

This product range of
Gruppo Colorobbia is complementary to the materials produced by Colorobbia India:

  • Third firing decoration materials.

  • Precious metals for glass, porcelain and ceramic decoration.

  • Materials for the decoration of level surface and hollow glasses.

  • Atomized, powder and granulated products for pressed use.

  • Raw materials (CMC, STPP, Alumina, Caolins, Corundum, etc.).

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